Beginnings’ Parent Education Specialist


This member of your team serves families of children in the state of South Carolina with hearing loss from birth until they turn 22, free of charge. We also support Deaf or Hard of Hearing parents by providing resources, education, etc.   We will serve as your personal support team when you interact with other professionals working with your family.

We assist you in:

  • Understanding the ramifications of hearing loss in an impartial fashion
  • Answering your questions about how the ear functions, how to read an audiogram, the different types of hearing loss, the language and communication options available, and local resources
  • Moving through the grieving process
  • Providing unbiased information on communication approaches and educational placement decisions
  • Providing information on parents’ rights and resources for support

We do this by:

  • Meeting with your family at a time and location convenient to you, most often in your home
  • Joining your family for meetings with schools and other agencies
  • Connecting your family to early intervention services or your local school district
  • Teaching you how to manage your child’s needs and empowering you to be your child’s best advocate

If you aren’t already connected with Beginnings SC, complete this referral and send it to our office.