Are you curious about who Beginnings is?

We have a zest for helping parents and children with hearing loss navigate their journey with an honest approach.  We are establishing best practices in SC with our work – leading the way with great love and kindness, while recognizing the need for humor and creativity.

For Parents

We are here in South Carolina to be your guide; from learning about your child’s hearing loss, to what educational options are available, to how to locate resources in your county.  Free of charge, from birth until your child turns 22, start finding the answer to “Now what?!”

For Professionals

We provide critically important tools to ensure that professionals like you receive training to increase the existing capacity of your agency or organization so that you may provide interventions that are able to support growth in all children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

For the Community

We collaborate with anyone who has the opportunity to impact the lives of children or parents who are deaf or hard of hearing. Our outreach efforts provide opportunities for you to serve as advocates for those with hearing loss through collaborative efforts and support.

Our Programs

Parent Counseling

Parents are the key to their child’s hearing loss journey. We support parents in this journey by means of education, support, and empowerment, free of charge.

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Technical Assistance and Training

We share best practice strategies for hearing loss with pediatricians, educators, and the community.

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Hearing Screenings

Early intervention screenings in diverse settings throughout SC are essential to identifying hearing loss. We provide OAE screenings to child care programs throughout the state, free of charge.

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Advocacy and Policy

We collaborate with legislators, agencies, and influencers to promote policies that benefit those with a hearing loss. We provide information so that you, too, can become involved in these efforts.

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Awareness and Education

We utilize social media, our website, media, events, and exhibiting to foster awareness and action.

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Our Stories

Ah'Yania's Story

“When I got custody of my grandniece in 2009, she was 5 years old. She had been in the Department of Social Services’ foster care system since birth. According to the foster mother, she was not given much help to understand Ah’Yania. Ah’Yania had no form of communication except to scream, kick, run around, fall on the floor, etc.”

Ainsley's Story

“We knew at the age of 3 that Ainsley had some hearing loss from a hole in her eardrum from ear tubes. The audiologist Ainsley had at the time told us it wouldn’t affect her and there wasn’t much we could do other than just wait and see if the hole healed. Ainsley had been in speech therapy since the age of 14 months old because she didn’t talk.”

J.R.'s Story

“On June 15, 2013 our family of three became a family of four. Our precious baby boy James Robert (J.R.) was born. Every inch of him was perfect. The nurse came and got him several times to run the typical tests. He failed his newborn hearing screening and we were told not to worry, it was almost certain that it was fluid in his ears.”


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