Upcoming Webinar Topics

Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) – The live webinar took place on May 10, 2017 at 4pm. BUT… Professionals from SC that work with deaf and hard of hearing students can REGISTER HERE, pay $10 for shipping and handling and receive two free books helpful in implementing the ECC. You will receive an email with instructions about how to proceed. We are working to add captions to the webinar.  Please email info@scbegin.org if you are waiting for the captions to be added and we’ll speed up the process! 
Professionals: Create an action plan for incorporating the ECC in their setting.
Webinar Presentation: http://scbegin.org/ecc-overview-presentation-pdf/
Webinar recording: 



Assistive Technology and Resources for the DHH Family – IN PROGRESS!
Parents: Increase your basic knowledge of assistive technologies and resources for DHH families.

Audiological Evaluation “Field Trip” (Spanish | English)
Parents: Learn about the audiological evaluation process – in Spanish and English.

Hearing Loss Awareness (Spanish) – COMING SOON!
Parents: Increase your awareness of signs of hearing loss and community supports for Spanish-speaking residents of SC with hearing loss.

Web-Based American Sign Language (ASL) Class for DHH Families – COMING SOON!
Parents: Increase the number of signs you know, so you can feel more confident about communicating with your child!

Faces of SC Deaf and Hard of Hearing Residents: What does a person who is d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing look like? – COMING SOON!
Community: Beginnings SC and SCAD have partnered to increase the visibility of people with hearing loss throughout our SC communities.