Pediatric Audiologist


This member of the team must have a license in audiology, and be certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Be sure that you have a pediatric audiologist, not just a general audiologist – this is important because pediatric audiologists specialize in the study of hearing disorders in children, specifically, and know how to best work with them. An audiologist identifies your child’s hearing loss, measures it, and aids in your child’s habilitation by recommending hearing aids and other assistive technologies. Most audiologists are also licensed to sell hearing aids. Beginnings SC can help you gather more pertinent information to share with your audiologist, teach you the right questions to ask at the next visit and how to ask them, and explain what an audiogram is and what your child’s results mean one more time! We realize the shock of diagnosis along with trying to understand an unfamiliar audiogram can be overwhelming and challenging to grasp at first; that is why we are here to help walk you through it until you fully understand your child’s results and what they mean.