Our Families

Here at Beginnings SC, we serve over 200 families throughout our state. Each has a unique and special story.

We invite you to learn some of their stories here to better understand how Beginnings is inspiring hope through empowerment, education, and engagement in the lives of families of children with hearing loss all across South Carolina.

Ah'Yania's Story

“When I got custody of my grandniece in 2009, she was 5 years old. She had been in the Department of Social Services foster care system since birth. According to the foster mother, she was not given much help to understand Ah’Yania. Ah’Yania had no form of communication except to scream, kick, run around, fall on the floor, etc.”

Ainsley's Story

“We knew at the age of 3 that Ainsley had some hearing loss from a hole in her eardrum from ear tubes. The audiologist Ainsley had at the time told us it wouldn’t affect her and there wasn’t much we could do other than just wait and see if the hole healed. Ainsley had been in speech therapy since the age of 14 months old because she didn’t talk.”

J.R.'s Story

“On June 15, 2013 our family of three became a family of four. Our precious baby boy James Robert (J.R.) was born. Every inch of him was perfect. The nurse came and got him several times to run the typical tests. He failed his newborn hearing screening and we were told not to worry, it was almost certain that it was fluid in his ears.”

Corbin's Story

“Corbin is currently five and a half years old. Corbin had health problems from a very early age. He has suffered from chronic ear infections and sinus infections. He has had 5 sets of tubes and had his adenoids out. At age three and a half, he had a hearing test done due to his severe ear infections and our increasing concern that there might be hearing damage.”

Eli's Story

“We have spent years struggling to keep Eli in regular education and the least restrictive environment yet have all of his various needs met within our school district. This had become extremely difficult and we were at a loss on where to go or what to do next. Enter Beginnings SC!”

Jayden's Story

“Our son Jayden was diagnosed with EVA (enlarged vestibular aqueduct) as a four year old, after failing his hearing test at school. We were devastated at first, but came to understand this is the new normal. Jayden’s doctor and audiologist recommended we have an FM system to assist him at school. After several meetings with school officials, we were getting nowhere.”

Stephen's Story

“Stephen spent his first three years bouncing from hotel to hotel, only understanding how to get his needs met by screaming and throwing tantrums, and he rarely had enough to eat (when Ms. Tracy and Mr. Billy got him, he still only drank from bottles and wouldn’t eat solid food).”

Abby's Story

“Abby was born with moderate to severe hearing loss and things were mishandled almost from the beginning. We had very little information to work with, so we didn’t know just how bad things were. Nothing really prepares you for having a kid with a problem. You not only don’t know what to do, but you don’t even know what questions to ask. I remember feeling so lost at first and so overwhelmed.”

Naomi's Story

“When my daughter, Naomi, failed two school hearing screenings in third grade two years ago, life seemed to start spiraling out of control. I started asking Naomi so many questions and received heartbreaking responses. Responses like, ‘I can’t hear my friends when they whisper in my ear,’ or ‘None of my headphones work correctly on one side.'”

Micah and Mia's Story

“Our son, Micah, failed his newborn hearing screening and 6 weeks later, he was diagnosed with hearing loss. We were given a lot of information that day that, quite honestly, did not stick. Just because our son was diagnosed with a hearing loss did not mean we were automatically given audiology and education degrees to be able to know how to understand and teach our son.”

Andrew's Story

“Having Beginnings help me learn the educational impacts of my son’s hearing loss has been beneficial in me learning, as a parent, to better advocate for him. The knowledge and understanding that Beginnings brings is so uplifting and empowering.”

Cole's Story

“Cole’s hearing loss can be such a barrier to his learning in the classroom, but his ability to speak and communicate so well with everyone fools them into thinking he is just like everyone else. They do not understand how difficult it is for him to understand the lessons, lectures, etc… ”