It is generally known that language development directly impacts brain development, but what is less known is how much even a “little” hearing loss impedes typical language development.

With the cooperation of childcare centers, it is our goal to identify children and begin interventions that could prevent possibly years of lost language and brain development.

Beginnings SC will offer a comprehensive program including:

  • hearing screenings, using an OAE (otoacoustic emissions) screener
  • staff development, a free training about hearing loss, its risk factors, how to approach parents if a hearing loss is suspected, and how to integrate children with hearing loss into the center
  • parent support

Get the Facts

the percent of preschool-age children with otherwise unaffected hearing that will lose access to incidental language with each ear infection

the age commonly known as the end of the “critical window of language development”

the age at which children are typically screened in the pediatrician’s office

the number of children with a permanent, sensorineural hearing loss at birth
the age at which a federal mandate requires all children to be screened due to hearing loss having a major impact on development

the number of school-age children with a hearing loss 

What Happens If A Child Refers?

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