Wouldn’t it be great if children came with an “owner’s manual?”

Parenting is a verb! It takes hard work and a lot of effort. When there is an extra layer, such as hearing loss, even knowing where to start is often difficult. Beginnings SC provides expert guidance and education for parents of deaf or hard of hearing children or parents who are deaf or hard of hearing. Beginnings SC is here in South Carolina to be your guide; from learning about your child’s hearing loss, to what educational options are available, to how to locate resources in your county.  Get in touch with us and start your action plan. Free of charge. From birth until your child turns 22. Contact us for more information, or to start finding the answer to the question of “Now what?!”

Early Intervention

Learning Language

Individualized Family Service Plans

Early Intervention Funding (from the American Speech and Hearing Association)

Communication Paths

Communicating with Your Child – There isn’t one communication method that is right for every child. What works for your child is what is right. The Parent Education Specialists at Beginnings SC believe that given accurate information and reliable resources, parents can make great decisions about their child.

Five different Communication Paths and to begin considering what is best for their family

ASL and Sign Language

Technology Available for People with Hearing Loss

Hearing Aids

Cochlear Implants

Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing Aid Cleaning and Care (Thank you to Girl Scout Troop #1519 for suggesting this great resource!)

The Ear and How Hearing Works

How the ear works

Degrees of Hearing Loss


Reading and Understanding Your Child’s Audiogram – an audiogram is a visual representation of an individual’s hearing; learn how to read them here through interactives

Federal Laws Related to Those with Disabilities

Beginnings Brochure: Learn more about Beginnings SC or share it with a friend

Beginnings SC’s Back to School Introduction Letter: Complete this to share critical information about your child.

Parent Notebook Files:  Use these (or part of these) to set up a 3-ring binder with your child’s more important information.  Knowledge is power!

Watch a video to learn how to create your Parent Notebook!

Support Team Log:  Keep a list of ALL your child’s service providers and teachers.

SC Resources

If there is a specific need that is not listed here, please contact us and ask. Also, if you have a suggestion for a link, please let us know!

  • SC Hands and Voices – There is no replacement for the support of another parent that has experienced life with a deaf or hard of hearing child.
  • SC AG Bell
  • Family Connection – State-wide family support network
  • ProParents
  • BabyNet – The single point of entry for families birth-3 whose child has, or is suspected of having, a delay. Please call toll-free 1-800-868-0404.
  • Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (DDSN) – If your child is between the ages of 3 and 6 and meets the screening criteria, he/she might be eligible for additional early intervention and/or speech-language therapy.  Please call toll-free 1-800-289-7012.
  • South Carolina Association of the Deaf (SCAD) – SC affiliate of the National Association of the Deaf, which advocates and informs people impacted by hearing loss.
  • Hearing Loss Association of America Midlands Chapter (HLAA Midlands Chapter) – provides assistance and resources for people with hearing loss and their families and co-workers to learn how to adjust to living with hearing loss.
  • Let SC Hear
  • First Sound – SC’s Newborn Hearing Screening program
  • South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation – through school-to-work transition services, prepares and assists eligible high school students with a hearing loss who are thinking about their future and are looking for assistance to succeed in the job market after graduation
  • Described and Captioned Media Program – an online lending library of captioned materials, described materials for people with vision loss, and sign language media to learn to sign, practice skills or increase your deaf child’s vocabulary
  • Children with Special Healthcare Needs – “Does your child have a chronic illness, disabling condition or developmental delay? If so, we can see if your child qualifies to get the special healthcare services he or she needs. We may be able to help you pay for certain services. Your child must be under 18 years of age to apply. Here you can see some of the programs we offer.”

National Resources:

Additional Resources:

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An Example of Our Families’ Success

Learn from Cole about what it’s like to grow up deaf in the public school system, and his exciting 2016 college plans!